ABLX / Brand New Site Assessment Tool

HyperCFD proudly presents the brand new micro-siting software called ABLX. This tool allows users to run turbulent wind flow simulations over complex terrains and predict wind characteristics for optimal turbine location detection.

ABLX uses power and flexibility of the open-source CFD tool OpenFOAM with a user-friendly GUI that operates on Windows. With its easy-to-use design, users are able to generate volume meshes from terrain maps, run CFD calculations and obtain output reports.

ABLX offers complex mathematical models to simulate wind flows over the terrains with robustness. While GUI makes it easy for inexperienced users to run simulations smoothly, it also lets CFD experts modify advanced settings such as linear solver types, mesh generator parameters or turbulence model coefficients to go for more accurate solutions.

Without having any restrictions on the terrain complexity, users can produce reliable solutions using theoretically unlimited number of computers.

Please contact us at fatih.ertinaz@hypercfd.com for further details.