OpenFOAM is an open-source object-oriented library for numerical simulations in continuum mechanics written in the C++ programming language.

OpenFOAM is becoming a reliable alternative to the well-known commercial CFD packages since it is able to produce accurate solutions in the right hands.

OpenFOAM has no GUI support which makes it even more easy-to-use for us because it can be automated easily with shell scripting in Unix environment.

Its open-source object-oriented framework allows custom solutions for specific problems unlike the commercial software tools in the market.

Apart from all probably the biggest advantage of OpenFOAM is that it is completely free of charge and it has no restrictions on the number of CPU usage.

We, at Fertinaz, are using OpenFOAM as our primary CFD tool since late 2010 and will be pleased to provide solutions for your CFD problems.

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